what to expect at your newborn session



It is best to contact me in your second trimester to book your newborn session. I often fill up months in advance for newborn sessions, so booking your session the earliest you can is best! You can save your spot by purchasing the newborn deposit. This will hold your spot in your due date month. Please contact me then with any ideas you may have, ( if you don’t have ideas that’s fine too, i love to do my thing and take the creative reigns!)

after baby arrives -

I know the first few days are INSANE, but pleas try to message me within the first 48 hours of babys arrival. I will email you back a handful of dates and times and you can let me know what one works best for you. Please remember all newborn sessions are done weekday mornings, and every now and again i am able to do an early afternoon on a weekday.


Yay! Newborn photo day is finally here! I know this is exciting (or not exciting and your just doing it for the memories lol ). The one tip I can offer before the session is to give the baby a FULL FEEDING before your on your way to my studio. You are more than welcome to feed baby at my studio during the session as well of course, but giving them a full feeding before normally helps to get things rolling quickly. When you get to my studio, you can get baby out of car seat and onto my studio bed to get them down to their diaper. If you are planning on doing family photos, we will do those first. You will have your choice of wrap colors for family photos ( I have tons of wraps) as well as headbands or hats etc. I typically do atleast 3-5 family set ups, including photos of mom, dad and baby, and photos of just mom and baby and just dad and baby. Siblings will be included in these too of course if you have other little ones. After family photos are done, we will move on to sibling photos if you have other kiddos… you can expect atleast 3 different sibling poses ( as long as they cooperate haha!). After family/sibling photos are done, we will move on to posed photos of just baby. I typically get into my groove here getting baby into different buckets, props, poses, scenes etc. I ALWAYS ask for your opinion on colors, headbands etc and you are MORE THAN WELCOME to look through/ pull out different accessories you see that you like. Accessory changes / scene changes are not limited, and we will do as many as fit into the 2 hour time frame, so this is your time to tell me what you like!!! I typically shoot close to the 2 hour mark, but sometimes we finish early if baby was very cooperative, or end early if baby has reached their limit ( which totally happen sometimes around the 1.5 hour mark) But i will never let ya leave without getting a good full gallery and a variety of photos/scene changes.

tips for your session -

Feed the baby! I cant stress this one enough. Make sure your baby is nice and full before arriving to my studio ( but you can ofcourse feed as needed during the session as well.

If you are nursing, bring a comfortable top to nurse in, and maybe your boppy pillow if you would like! A pumped bottle of milk is always great too.

If you are formula feeding, bring an extra bottle along just incase!

Pacifiers make a photo session go AMAZING. If you are using a passy, please make sure to bring it along! If you are not using a pacifier, that is totally fine too!!

My studio is typically set to be nice and toasty. After family photos, if you want to bring a comfy shirt to change into, or even leggings ( us moms love leggings) that’s totally fine!!

If you are bringing your other kiddos, a good idea is to have someone come pick them up after the family/sibling portion is done. If not and your kiddo wants to hang out in my studio thats great too! I have some children’s toys, but feel free to bring along some things to keep them occupied when their time doing photos is done.

Please remember to bring your form of payment to the session, i accept cash, check or venmo.